Heavy partner and spouse sponsorship backlog hits Canadian families

July 17th, 2014

3 July 2014 It has recently come to light that many Canadian families are caught in a backlog of spousal and partner sponsorship applications that is currently taking around 11 months. Applicants have always been told to expect a six month wait for approval of phase one of the family immigration process, but this additional […]

Canadian Citizenship Act receives a great deal of criticism

July 17th, 2014

25 June 2014 The long-awaited final reading of the Canadian Immigration Bill, also known as the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act, or C-24 has now received royal assent and is officially in effect. Criticism has been wide and vociferous, with many experts as well as those who will be affected having a lot to say about […]

Sponsored spouses may face new requirements to live in Canada permanently

April 10th, 2014

10 April 2014 In a recent series of meetings, the Canadian federal government has been considering the possibility that it may become necessary to add language and education requirements for anyone wishing to live in Canada permanently as a sponsored spouse or partner of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. This proposal was put forward, […]

New UK fiancee, partner and marriage visa application fees proposed

March 2nd, 2014

  The UK government has announced its intention to raise the cost of visa, nationality and immigration application fees as of 6 April 2014, and 31 March 2014 for some overseas premium services. Although the fee increases are still due to be fully ratified by Parliament, it is fully expected that the rises will go […]

1053 Australian partner visas revoked since July 2010

February 15th, 2014

  Since July 2010, more than 1000 spouse and partner visas have been revoked by the Australian government. This is due to such abuses of the immigration system as sham marriages and fake relationships discovered by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) as part of routine checks, including home visits. Although the largest […]

UK marriage visa applicants in Russia subject to mandatory TB screening since 31 December 2013

January 12th, 2014

05/01/2014 At the end of December 2013, UK Visas and Immigration – UKVI (formerly the UK Border Agency) added Russia to the list of countries where applicants must be tested for active tuberculosis (TB) before they can apply for a UK spouse, fiancee or unmarried partner visa. Effective 31 December 2013 anyone wishing to apply […]

New UK marriage visa rules for families of HM Armed Forces

January 12th, 2014

05/12/2013 There has been a change in the way UK settlement visa applications by non-EEA family members of HM Armed Forces personnel are processed from 1 December 2013. Those who applied for a UK marriage or partner visa before that date will still be considered under the old immigration Rules. The purpose of the changes […]

New Zealand partner visa applications to be reconsidered by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) following Ombudsman investigation

November 25th, 2013

15/11/2013 After receiving a number of complaints from New Zealand partner visa applicants, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has been forced to re-evaluate hundreds of visa applications processed by its Mumbai and New Delhi offices. The initial 14 complaints were received regarding whether or not these offices had properly considered applications from partners of current student […]

Home Office appeal regarding High Court judgment on UK marriage visa financial requirements set for March 2014

November 2nd, 2013

  An important date has been set regarding the future of the financial threshold requirements related to UK settlement visa applications for partners, fiancees and spouses of British citizens and UK permanent residents wishing to live permanently in the UK. In July 2013, the High Court decided that although the income requirements set by the […]

Changes to the KOLL requirements for those seeking UK settlement or naturalisation

October 25th, 2013

There are some changes being made to the existing UK settlement and naturalisation requirements. These changes will be put in place on the 28th October 2013 and will affect most applicants who wish to settle in the UK or become a British Citizen by naturalisation. The new requirements are as follows: Most applicants must meet […]