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Australian government urged to reconsider partner visa fee increase

January 1st, 2015

The Migration Institute of Australia (MIA), which is the professional association for Registered Migration Agents, has approached the Australian government to express the unhappiness of its members over the recent increase of 50% which has been added to the visa application charges for onshore and offshore partner visas. This increase on an already expensive application has been justified by the government on the grounds that the increased revenue will fund other ‘whole-of-government policy priorities’.

The increases are very substantial; the offshore partner and prospective marriage visa will now cost A$4,630, up from A$3,085; the onshore partner visa is even more expensive, having gone up from A$4,575 to A$6,865. The National President of the MIA, Angela Chan FMIA has questioned the size of the increase as it is unreasonably high, 50% not reflecting any other change in cost of living, wages or any other relevant index. Concerns are driven by the vulnerability of those being asked to find so much more money to make an application; the clear message being given that family immigration is considered less important; and that the increase has not been made in order to make improvements to the service. Miss Chan makes her case clearly and concisely and awaits the government’s response.